Inspection Division
Omega Pipe Inspection & Services was established to provide wide range of Non Destructive Inspection Services to the Oil and Gas Industry covering Tubular inspection, Cross Country Pipelines, Oil Rig Masts inspection, load testing, and also cater to the inspection requirements of Petrochemical Plants and Refineries, Fertilizer Plants, Power Plants, Steel Mills, Seamless Pipe Mills, Foundries, Cement Plants, Chemical Processing Plants and Structural and Fabrication inspection of Engineering Plants.

Omega Pipe Inspection and Services is a prime source for Premium Pipe Sales and Rentals, re-threading of pipes, supply of Thread Protectors, Lifting Bails, API Couplings, Pup Joints, Cross Overs and Subs.

Omega Pipe Inspection and Services also offers precision machining of Engineering components. Honing

of tubes covering the range 60 to 350 mm OD/ 50 to 300 mm ID/ work-piece weight of 2000 Kg and length of 7200 mm can be done in our Facility.

Omega Pipe and Inspection Services has a pipe yard for the stocking of the pipes and management of the pipe inventory of the clients.

We have the best, most knowledgeable staff anywhere. Our mission is to achieve and maintain the highest level of customer confidence and satisfaction and we believe in providing timely, high quality, cost effective Services.

Engineering Division
Omega Pipe Inspection & Services whose Engineering Division is involved in the building of Special Purposing Machines like Honing Machines/ Forging Machines/ Presses for Compression Moulding/ Filament Winding Machines/ Creel Stands/ Material Handling Equipments/ fixtures and many other mechanical equipments in addition to offering non-destructive inspection services to various engineering companies.

With the thrust on Make in India, we are focusing more on the design, manufacturing and machining of high precision engineering components for the Defence and Aerospace sector in association with USAI Forge Pvt Ltd. Over the past few years, we have been successful in developing various Engineering components for DRDO and Ordnance Factories.

Some of the product developments include Ceramic Radome (320 mm and 178 mm dia for NGARM and ASTRA), B3 Nozzle Assembly, B1 and B2 Bucket Flanges, Nozzle End Dome, Titanium Top and Bottom Dish Propellant Tank, PGAD Solid Propellant Mandrel Assembly, RVS Metallic Components, Gyro Components, Flow Form tubes (Pinaka - Mark I and Mark II), AK 100 Cartridge, LR SAM shell, CO2 Bottle, Invar Components and Bomb Shells of various sizes.

We are equipped with a wide range of heavy duty and precision machines for the machining of heavy items, deep hole drilling, honing and precision components for various applications. Honing capability is 7200 mm long x 40 mm to 300 mm bore diameters and Deep Hole Drilling capability is 30 mm to 135 mm ID, 100 mm to 350 mm OD and 10000 mm maximum length.

Our facilities are equipped with an extended and versatile range of CNC machines including 5 Axis Mill Turn, Guruptz CNC Lathe with spindle bore of 21 inches, Vertical Turning Lathes, Horizontal Boring Machines, Jig Boring machines, Milling Machines, Vertical Milling Machines with DRO Scales, Radial Drilling Machines, Grinding Machines, Turret and conventional Lathes.

For the manufacturing of high precision components and sub-assemblies required for Defence and Aerospace applications, high precision Schaublin machines with clean room facility and CMM measuring equipments are available. Wide range of high precision Schaublin Machines include 7-Axis machines as well. Facility for Flow Forming of tubes is available for the size range 60 – 600 mm OD and maximum length of 3000 mm.

Our Facilities include all types of CNC machines, Flow Forming, Heat Treatment, Closed Die Forging, MIG, TIG and Friction Welding and are supported by the latest Metrology, Metallurgical and Quality Control Systems.

With Composites taking a prominent role in the Defence applications, we have set up facilities for Composite sections manufacturing, Rubber Lining and machining.

The Composites manufacturing facility includes:
4 Axis CNC Filament Winding machine: Capacity 3.00 meters dia and 12.50 meters length
Creel Stand with 16 Spools
Autoclave: Capacity 2.80 meter dia x 10.00 meter long job
Rubber Mixing Mill
Rubber Extruding Mill and Hot Feed Extruder for Rocasin & EPDM: Sheet Thickness of 1.00 mm to 4.00 mm and width of 1.00 meter
250 Ton: 1.00 meter x 1.00 meter x 1.00 meter daylight and 750 Ton Hydraulic Rubber Molding Press with heating: 2.00 meter x 2.00 meter x 1.50 meter day light
20 Ton EOT Crane
CNC Drum Winding Machine: 1000 mm dia x 3000 mm long
POP CNC machine: 3000 mm diameter x 10000 mm long
Resin Impregnation facility with cold storage room for storage of Composite materials