Drill Pipe Inspection Services
Visual Tube Body Inspection A thorough visual inspection of pipe external surface for possible noticeable damages, such as dents, mashes and corrosion/ pits, shall be performed from upset to upset. Visual inspection includes internal end area of each tube for service induced defects. The tubes are checked for straightness.
Visual Thread Inspection

Thread Protectors are removed and both pin and box ends are thoroughly cleaned and visually evaluated for any obvious defects or mechanical damages, such as dents, corrosion, galled threads, etc.

Thread profile gages are used to estimate the visible gaps at any of the flanks or thread roots.

API Dope is applied to the threads and thread protectors are installed. The dope shall be supplied by the customer.

OD Gauge (Full Length) Full length mechanical measurement of outside diameter is performed for identification of external wear, dents, mashes, slip area and stress induced diameter variations.
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Pipe is magnetized with a DC magnetizing coil with variable current to provide active longitudinal magnetization for detection of transverse flaws.
Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI) Buggy Inspection Unit is used for transverse defect inspection.
Ultrasonic Inspection (UT) Ultrasonic examination of upset areas for the detection of transverse and three dimensional flaws on the inside and outside surface of the tube is performed. The critical area is also covered.
Hardness Testing Portable Hardness Testers are utilized to perform hardness reading on the pipe.
Wall Thickness Measurements Ultrasonic Measurement: Ultrasonic wall thickness tests are utilized to determine the minimum and maximum wall thickness at any one area on a tube. A test consists of taking as many circumferential measurements as required to determine the minimum and maximum wall thickness in one area.

Micrometer Measurement: Micrometer measurements are utilized in measuring the wall thickness on the ends of plain end pipe.

Ultrasonic Wall Verification: Ultrasonic wall thickness test to verify that the tube body, in general, satisfies nominal wall thickness requirements.
Tool Joints & Upsets Inspection

Transverse external magnetic particle inspection (excluding threads) is performed to detect external fatigue cracks and pits.

Associated Tool Joint Inspections
Critical Area Inspection Upsets and 24 inches of pipe body are internally inspected with magnetic particle to detect internal transverse fatigue cracks.
Tool Joint OD Measurement The Tool Joint OD is callipered to API RP 7G or customer specification to identify undersized (worn) tool joints.
Shoulder (Face) Examination Tool Joint faces are visually examined for defects affecting pressure holding capacity for galls, nicks, washes and fins.
Tool Joint Marking Check Tool Joints are checked for manufacturer’s markings.
Shoulder Width Measurement A mechanical gauge is used to measure the width of tool joint shoulders and to detect non-uniform wear resulting from crooked drill pipe.
Box Swell Measurement Inside diameter of box counter bore is mechanically measured to detect dimensional change resulting from excessive torque.
Thread Profile (Pin Stretch Examination) The connections are mechanically gauged using taper, lead and height gages to detect galled or stretched threads, flank wear and sharp crowns.
Magnetic Particle Inspection Box & Pin Threads Box and Pin threads are cleaned and inspected by either magnetic particle or black light to detect transverse cracks in thread roots.
Refacing Seals found to be damaged or corroded are refaced to the limitation of API RP 7 G.
Drill Pipe Maintenance Services
Cleaning/ OD Sand Blasting Sand Blasting of otside surface of the pipe, wire brushing and rattling to remove rust, scale and other debris.
Cement Removal Internal cleaning with reamers to remove cement residual and other solidified material in the ID of the pipe.
Straightening Bent pipe is straightened using a ram type hydraulic press.
Coating A rust preventive coating is applied to maintain the integrity of the drill pipe.
TH Hill DS 1 Inspection Services
If the customer requires DS-1 inspection, Omega Pipe Inspection & Services can perform the inspection accordingly.