Omega Pipe Inspection & Services recognizes that its most valued assets are its personnel and the most important service that the Company can perform for customers is to assign to their projects qualified, experienced, competent and motivated professionals.

Omega Pipe Inspection & Services recruitment and personnel policies are targeted at attracting and retaining personnel of the highest caliber. We expect our staff to assume responsibility; to use initiative; to work with minimum supervision; to be mature and to demonstrate integrity and flexibility.

All our engineers, supervisors, inspectors, instructors and technicians are qualified and hold professional accreditation, degrees, diplomas or certificates in their particular disciplines.

We attach great importance to experience. Age is not a barrier within the Company since the Company believes that junior members of staff will benefit from working alongside their older and more experienced colleagues.

Omega Pipe Inspection & Services places great emphasis on the training of its personnel; whether it be for re-certification, the learning of new skills, the introduction of new technology, techniques and procedures, or solely for the purpose of updating knowledge gained previously.

As an investor in people Omega Pipe Inspection & Services firmly believes that staff will respond positively to targeted training programs. In addition to on-the-job training, personnel receive formal classroom training.