Omega Pipe Inspection & Services was established to provide wide range of Non Destructive Inspection Services to the Oil and Gas Industry covering Tubular inspection, Cross Country Pipelines, Oil Rig Masts inspection, load testing, and also cater to the inspection requirements of Petrochemical Plants and Refineries, Fertilizer Plants, Power Plants, Steel Mills, Seamless Pipe Mills, Foundries, Cement Plants, Chemical Processing Plants and Structural and Fabrication inspection of Engineering Plants.
Tubular Inspection includes inspection of New and Used Oil Country Tubular Goods
Omega Pipe Inspection & Services has various inspection services to offer and
Omega Pipe Inspection & Services recognizes that its most valued assets are its
Quality Assurance is the establishment of a program to guarantee the desired quality
The primary concern of the Company is the personal safety and health of each and every
Omega Pipe Inspection & Services is active in the business of Premium Pipe
Aker Solutions India Sdn Bhd, Alston infra projects, Bj Shirke, Bridge And Roof Ltd
Omega Pipe Inspection & Services has a Pipe Yard in Kakinada for stocking of the
Visual Pipe Inspection
Dimensional Inspection of Pipe
Ultrasonic (UT) wall thickness inspection
Ultrasonic (UT) Inspection of Upsets and three feet end area
EMI Inspection by Spectograph 2000
Visual Thread Inspection
Tool Joint Dimensional Inspection
Dimensional Inspection of Rotary Shoulder
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) of Pipe Body and Upsets
Wet fluorescent magnetic particle (black light) inspection
Dye Penetrant Testing
API Full Length Drifting
Hardness Testing
Thread Gauging
Testing and Servicing of Pressure Relief Valves